Theme : Effective management of health, safety, environment and sustainability: sharing international good practice and learning.

This international technical forum hosted by the Energy Institute in partnership with ENOC will deliver essential learning and sharing of international good practice to help improve the safety performance of organisations, foster a healthy and accident-free work culture, and ensure a sustainable environment. Bringing together research, academia, industry and regulators, the conference will discuss key HSE challenges and opportunities facing the energy sectors in the Middle East.

Reasons to attend

✔ Middle East energy - focus on NOCs reasserting their power and presence in the global energy industry
✔ Share experience, information and guidance that leads to a healthy, accident-free workplace and a sustainable environment for energy businesses
✔ Offer a platform for communicating HSE issues, provide responses to key challenges and identify improvements
✔ Share innovation and best practice by providing opportunities to share and learn from the international HSE community and practice
✔ Showcase innovative technology solutions and research
✔ Work collaboratively with key institutions on building technical standards and practice
✔ Raise awareness of standards and disciplines
✔ Enhance competency of industry personnel within the Middle East and globally

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