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Tripod Beta - An introduction to the 21st century root cause analysis tool

Ken Maddox
Tripod Beta Trainer, Engineering Performance

The workshop will be based on Tripod Beta: Guidance on using Tripod Beta in the investigation and analysis of incidents, accidents and business losses and topics to be covered include:
a. Overview of the Tripod Beta process.
b. The origin of Tripod; why the name.
c. What Tripod Beta can do for you.
d. When to use Tripod Beta and when not to use it.
e. Distinguishing between personal safety and process safety.
f. Who should use Tripod Beta.
g. Tripod Beta’s main advantages over other root cause analysis tools.
h. A step-by-step explanation of the process with reference to a specific incident.

There will be several short interactive sessions to help participants consolidate the underpinning knowledge and get feedback on their understanding.

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